Yut Zalk

Kel Dorian tech specialist and student at the Jedi Academy


Yut Zalk is a Kel Dorian who grew up on his homeworld of Dorin. His family was in the lower class, so Yut was forced to work for his parents in their business, selling cheap computers and droids. It was in these early days that his love of computers and droids was born.

From an early age he noticed he was able to achieve things far beyond his natural ability by concentrating and focusing on a task… Even if he was untrained in the thing he was trying to do, by visualizing it and putting all his mental energy into it, he could achieve it. He thinks of this as an innate talent and doesn’t realize it is connected to use of the Force.

This ability propelled him even further in his study of computers and technology. He was hired by the leading Kel Dorian computer firm and quickly rose in the ranks, so much so he was given one of the hardest assignments in company history: terminating a rouge AI program that was attempting to take over the security system of Dorin.

After he successfully defeated the AI, he became know to Master Skywalker who was looking for displays of extreme, unexplainable talent throught the galaxy. After agents of Master Skywalker confirmed that Yut Zalk was in fact a Force senstitive, he was invited him to attend the Jedi Praxeum and develop his Force powers.

In order to attract Yut to leave his homeworld and everything he knows, Master Skywalker offered him the opportunity to indulge his favorite pass-time: building and repairing droids.

Yut Zalk

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