Human student at Jedi Academy who follows Brakiss to the dark side


Zekk spent the first nine years of his life on the planet Ennth, where his parents were colonists. When Ennth began to self-destruct, as it did every eight years, Zekk, a bright, promising child, was sent to one of the planet’s crowded orbiting refugee stations for several months until Ennth was safe for habitation again. His parents, who intended to join him in orbit, stayed on the surface too long trying to retrieve the last of their possessions and were killed in a groundquake.

Zekk, not wanting to stay on Ennth any longer without a family, escaped the refugee station and stowed away on a supply ship.

He eventually ended up in Coruscant’s undercity, where he discovered that he had latent abilities that allowed him to not only survive, but thrive in the tough environment of

Agents of Master Skywalker found out about Zekk and informed Zekk that the talents that he had used to survive in Coruscant’s undercity were no small thing, for they were an unconscious manifestation of Zekk’s Force-sensitivity. He was invited to attend the Jedi Academy.


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