Abigail Stargazer

Human student at Jedi Academy


Abigail is very quick and acrobatic.


Abigail grew up in a farming colony on Naboo. There she learned the value of hard work and taking care of livestock.

She was raised with the Jedi lore her mother related to her about her Jedi grandmother who was killed in the great Jedi Purge. Her mother kept all of the teachings and artifacts, but didn’t realize that Abigail herself had Force sensitivity, so she never had the chance to develop her Force talents.

Eventually, Jedi Master Tionne found out about the artifacts that were in her possession and visited Abigail, convincing her to lend them to the Jedi Academy on Yavin 4. It was during this visit that Tionne tested Abigail and realized she had latent Force powers and invited her to join the Academy.

Abigail Stargazer

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