Star Wars : Rise of the Order

Auspicious Arrival

the characters arrive at the Jedi Academy on Yavin 4

After landing and disembarking from the ship you find yoursleves in the huge hangar level of the Great Temple.

There is chaos around you as other Jedi candidates find their gear, workers with repulsor lifts unload cargo, and constructions of all kinds goes on around you.

Suddenly you hear a loud screeching crash of metal on metal and terror-filled screams coming from across the landing bay. As you turn and run to see what has happened, you see a disturbing site:

The harness that was holding a huge air filtration system which was being installed has snapped. Several things must be dealt with quickly by the characters since Master Skywalker, other instructors, and other students are out training:

- injured workers from snapped harness must be moved/cared for (strength / first aid)
- workers in immediate danger of being crushed by unstable device (strength)
- cut off power at the control panel to prevent explosion/fire (technical)
- climb up and reattach harness (dexterity, mechanical, climb)
- control crowd in the area (command, persuade)
- a cargo skiff or loader to move debris out of the way, lift people up to more easily reach the coupling, provide temporary support or catch the coupling if it falls (repulsor lift or ground vehicle operation)
- quickly reprogram a binary load lifter to assist in rescue efforts (droid programming)



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