Star Wars : Rise of the Order

Exploring the Temple

the characters enter and explore the Temple

As you enter the Temple you observe a metal corridor extending into the stone interior. This areas seems to be a later addition, but you can tell it is still very old. Dim green lights sputter on as you proceed down the dusty, webby hallway…barely illuminating the way. You finally make it to the what appears to be the entry chamber. Here the air smells different and the lighting from hidden sources around the perimeter has a slight red glow to it. In the middle of the room stands an obelisk about the size of a man. Murals of epic Jedi/Sith battles line the walls. A couple of blind hallways lead to dead ends.

  • unlock door to get to inner sanctum

Players must complete puzzle to open the door.

  • discover holocron & crystal

As you descend into the inner sanctum of the temple, a sense of foreboding washes over you (everyone must make make a Difficult Sense roll or take a DSP). You can tell this is a place of great power and evil. You see a square room. The floors along the wall have holes every 3 feet. On the far wall is a raised platform on which rests a black, pyramid shaped device (Sith Holocron). Supported above it on a metal tripod is a red crystal.(Kaiburr crystal) In front of the platform is a pool about 4’ in diameter. It is filled with a red bubbling liquid.

  • face the spirit of fallen Sith Lord

A holographic image of a disembodied head appears. It is an image of Exar Kun. “Beware you who seek my secrets….you do not yet know the power of the darkside”

  • battle the Sith Lord

As soon as the warning is issued, steam jets shoot from the ceiling in the middle of the room, (presumably forcing the characters to back away to the edges) as they do, they must made a moderate dodge roll or be captured by metal 1d4 tentacles that rise out of the holes on the edges. These take a Difficult Strength roll to escape from and cause 3d damage for each round character remains entangled. Meanwhile, beams of red light shoot from the crystal to the Sith Holocron and down to the pool of red liquid. As this happens, Massassi creatures emerge from the pool and attack the characters in hand-to-hand combat.



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