Star Wars : Rise of the Order

Inbound Flight

the characters meet each other on the flight in

As the camera pans down to the surface of a planet, a GR-75 medium transport glides across the screen.

Cut to interior of the ship and 20 or so people of all ages, species, genders, sizes, etc. in an open troop transport area fitted with seats and comfort stations. Some are obviously workers familiar with each other..talking and laughing, etc, but a smaller amount appear more reserved, some even appearing nervous.

A voice comes across the intercom:

“Folks, this is Captain Antilles…I’d like to welcome you on board the Heavy Wind…we are just about ready for the jump into hyperspace…we’ll arrive at our destination in the Yavin system in a few hours. Please sit back and enjoy the journey”

Over the course of the next few hours your characters have a chance to interact with other passengers, walk around the ship, and have access the limited computer systems on the ship.

Please describe your character’s physical appearance for the other players and share any information your character would share in normal conversation during the trip…including any background information. Then tell me what you will be doing during the majority of the trip.

Also, characters meet a humanoid named Tip Falco. He will force himself on the characters and will be very friendly.


“Folks, this is Captain Antilles again…we’ve just come out of hyperspace and are making our final approach to Yavin 4. Please take your seats. We’ll be landing in a few minutes”

The ship lands on the cleared area outside the Jedi Academy on Yavin 4.



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