Star Wars : Rise of the Order

Life in the Academy

the characters get used to their new life in the Academy

  • explore academy. Map of temple.
  • Meet in Great Hall for Luke’s opening speech

Luke welcomes the students and tells the story of the fall of Brakiss.
Also activates a Jedi Holocron (so players know how to use it)

Master Luke: “Each time a new class of recruits joins our ranks, I assign them to a clan. The idea of the clan is to place each student in the best possible circumstances to improve and learn. An instructor will be assigned to your clan and will be responsible for teaching basic lessons in the Force that reinforce the rest of your lessons. I have named the clans after creatures I have encountered in my travels around the galaxy.” After reading out a few other characters assigned to Bantha, Verrmok, and Woolamander clans, the player characters are placed in Wampa Clan.

  • Characters decide what kind of training they pursue in their first week

characters can increase skill of their choice by one pip. Must do so through one of the following Teachers: Battlemaster Kyle Katarn (DEX), Loremaster Tionne (KNW), Flight Instructor Antilles(MEC), Dorsk 82 (TEC), Kirana Ti (STR), Kam Solusar (PER)

  • Tionne talks about use of force / warning of darkside
  • lightsaber training with Kyle Katarn



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