Human female Jedi Master and instructor at Jedi Academy


Tionne Solusar was a female Human from the planet Rindao and a Jedi Master. A scholar of Jedi history, Tionne was one of the first students of Luke Skywalker’s New Jedi Order and was almost entirely responsible for regathering the lost knowledge of the Old Jedi Order.

Despite the fact that her powers were limited, Tionne worked hard and attained the rank of Jedi Knight. She spent nearly a year searching for the spiral mist-horn and crystal-pearl that she used to construct her lightsaber.

Tionne’s role at the praxeum was that of Jedi historian, and she would often teach the trainees stories of ancient Jedi through singing while accompanying herself with her grandmother’s viol.

In addition to teaching at the academy, Tionne undertook research trips every few months, seeking whatever knowledge she could find about the history of the Jedi. She often returned with stories, songs, Twi’lek story-chains, tapestries, and other artifacts.

Tionne’s knowledge also extended to Sith artifacts.


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